IEC Fellows


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The International Engineering Consortium's Board of Directors established the Fellow Award in 1994 to recognize individuals who have provided the information industry with a superior level of sustained, significant service. Areas of service considered include education, technology and industry leadership contributions.

Robert Aaron
Outstanding technical contributions to the growth of digital communications systems
Norman Abramson
Leader in engineering education and Internet pioneer
Robert Adler
Pioneer in the development of television receiving systems
Fred Andrews
Leader in the development of switching, digital transmission and technical standards
Lawrence Babbio
Esteemed telecommunications industry leader
James Bagley
Leader in semiconductor manufacturing techniques
Frank S. Barnes
Esteemed educator stimulated changes in engineering education
Eric Benhamou
Leading data-communications executive and visionary regarding the National Information Infrastructure
A. Wayne Bennett
Esteemed educator and leader in the development of electrical engineering educators
Michael J. Birck
Entrepreneur and industry leader
Donald L. Bitzer
Computer-based education pioneer
Joseph Bordogna
Esteemed educator, research leader and professional society president
Jack Borsting
Esteemed educator and administrator
Gerald Butters
Industry leader in digital switching and optical communication systems
Marvin Camras
Prolific inventor of magnetic recording
LeRoy T. Carlson
Telecommunications industrialist enabling modern communications in rural America
Ralph Cavin
Outstanding contributor to the semiconductor industry and academic leadership
Vinton G. Cerf
Internet pioneer and visionary; received A.M. Turing Award in 2004
John Chambers
Esteemed industry leader in data networking
Donald Chisholm
Pioneer in transforming telecommunication systems from analog to digital
Alan Chynoweth
Leader in the development and manufacture of electronic and photonic devices
George Cooper
Esteemed educator and pioneer in spread spectrum communications
Martin Cooper
Wireless pioneer and information industry entrepreneur
Thomas Defanti
Pioneer in the development of virtual reality systems
Bruce DeMaeyer
Leader in the implementation of metropolitan switching and wireless communication systems worldwide
Chris M. Earnshaw
Leader in deployment of worldwide communications services and technologies
Joel S. Engel
Pioneer in cellular mobile systems
Douglas Engelbart
Personal computer and Web pioneer and inventor
Floyd English
Industry leader in global wireless communications
Edward W. Ernst
Esteemed engineering educator
George Fisher
Industry leader in wireless, imaging and electronics
Eli Fromm
Leader in engineering education and principal investigator of the Drexel E4 Project and the NSF Gateway Engineering Education Coalition
Robert Gallager
Pioneer in data coding
Robert W. Galvin
Leading industrialist in wireless and semiconductors
Paolo A. Gargini
Notable industry leader in technology research and development
George Gilder
Futurist in forecasting information industry directions
Bernard Gordon
Inventor and esteemed industry leader
Paul E. Green
Communications technology pioneer in spread spectrum systems and early channel adaptive receivers
Richard R. Green
Technology leader in cable and broadcasting
Paul K. Hart
Facilitator of industry cooperation
Martin Hellman
Pioneer in public key cryptography
Paul H. Henson
Telephone industry and network reliability leader
Nick Holonyak, Jr.
Nobel laureate, esteemed educator and leading researcher in lasers and semiconductors
Rudolph Hornacek
Industry leader and authority on the application of technology to rural areas
Irwin Mark Jacobs
Distinguished industry leader, author, inventor, and founder of Qualcomm
Richard A. Jalkut
Telecommunications industry executive and leader
Leah Jamieson
Esteemed educator and IEEE leader
Robert M. Janowiak
Catalyst for industry progress and industry-university relations
Amos E. Joel
Authority on digital switching design and application
Volker Jung
Industrialist and information industry leader
Robert Kahn
Internet pioneer and visionary; received A.M. Turing Award in 2004
Mitchell Kapor
Outstanding technical contributor to personal computing, and leader in the development of information technology
Jack S. Kilby
Nobel Laureate in Physics; inventor of integrated circuit
Jeong H. Kim
Entrepreneur and market leader in AT&T WAN access equipment
Leonard Kleinrock
Internet pioneer, esteemed educator, and new business innovator
Herwig Kogelnik
Leader in research and development of lasers and optical electronics
Raymond Kurzweil
Technical leader, author, and inventor in the field of voice recognition
Tingye Li
Technical leader and contributor to laser technology and microwave antennas
Julio Linares Lopez
Distinguished leader and senior executive in the European telecommunications industry.
William Lindsey
Engineering educator and leader in the development of deep space communication systems
Robert Lucky
Visionary, inventor and research leader
Karl Martersteck
Technology leader and authority on digital switching
Sir Terry Matthews
Entrepreneur and leading expert in voice, video, and data convergence
John S. Mayo
Semiconductor and system research organization leader
Scott McNealy
Industry leader in network computing and open technology
Carver Mead
Entrepreneur, author, educator, leader in the development of design methodologies for VLSI devices
David G. Messerschmitt
Esteemed educator and pioneer in developing new curricula on information technology
Robert Metcalfe
Industry leader, inventor and author
Arthur C. Moeller
Leader in university education and administration
Gordon E. Moore
Pioneer in microprocessors and computer memory
Eli Noam
Esteemed educator and author
David Packard
Leading industrialist in instrumentation and computers
John J. Pappas
Esteemed telecommunications industry leader and facilitator of industry cooperation
Irene Peden
Esteemed educator and contributor to radio science
Paul Penfield, Jr.
Leader in engineering education and administration
Arno A. Penzias
Nobel Laureate in astrophysics and researcher in telecommunications and information systems
John R. Pierce
Pioneering leader in the development of communications satellite technology and eminent author
Stefano Pileri
Technology leader in the telecommunications industry
Samuel Pitroda
Entrepreneur, industrialist, telecommunications leader and ITU advocate for global communications
Peter Radley
Distinguished leader in the telecommunications industry
Manijeh Razeghi
Pioneer in the development of epitaxial growth techniques and semiconductor lasers
Frank D. Reese
Telecommunications industry leader
Michael Reeve
Widely published expert on telecommunications and optical communications
Walden C. Rhines
Innovative leader in the technology industry
Brian Roberts
Leader and pioneer in the cable industry
Lawrence G. Roberts
Foremost authority on packet switching and network architectures
T.J. Rodgers
Entrepreneur and leader in the semiconductor industry
Harold Rosen
Pioneering leader in the development of geosynchronous communication satellite technology
John Roth
Industry leader in digital switching and wireless communications
Hector Ruiz
Esteemed leader in semi-conductor manufacturing
Jesse Russell
Wireless communications researcher and facilitator of industry cooperation
Mischa Schwartz
Esteemed educator and researcher in the field of communications
Richard Schwartz
Pioneer in the field of photovoltaic cells and contributor to engineering education
John W. Seazholtz
Authority in applying technology to telecommunications
Jagdish N. Sheth
Leading professor, researcher, and information industry futurist
Casimir S. Skrzypczak
Esteemed technology executive and industry leader
Richard Snelling
Authority on the applications and operations of fiber optics and wireless to telecommunication networks
Frank G. Splitt
Authority on telecommunications systems and futurist
Gerd Tenzer
Esteemed telecommunications executive
John Terry
Technology leader in digital switching and broadband communications
Timothy N. Trick
Leading educator and researcher in new educational methods using information technologies
Andrew Viterbi
Inventor and contributor to information and communication theory a well as the commercial development of CDMA wireless systems, co-founder of Qualcomm
Lawrence W. VonTersch
Esteemed educator and university administrator
William Weisz
Leading industrialist in the deployment of wireless systems
William A. Wulf
Leader in the engineering profession, outstanding contributor to undergraduate computer science education, and researcher on computer architecture and computer security
Jerry Yeargan
Esteemed educator and leader of Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology