Who We Are

IEC In 1944, the IEC was founded as a nonprofit organization sponsored by universities and engineering societies and became dedicated to continuing education for the U.S. electronics industry.

During its sixty years, the Consortium has experienced many changes: from the electronics industry to today's information industry; from a national focus to an international perspective; and from an initial base of engineers to a vast cross-section of engineers, managers, and executives.

Academia and Industry Working Together

But the essential mission has remained unchanged: academia and industry working together to bring the highest quality and most innovative forms of continuing education to the industry.

In addition, new educational programs and new forms of cooperation have been developed to meet today's more complex needs. As our predecessors defined our mission for the electronics age, we carry it into the future of the information age.

The IEC became a strong force in the remarkable growth of the electronics industry, keeping many thousands in the industry up to date, adding to its roster of prominent university affiliates and industry sponsors, influencing curricula at engineering schools, and developing innovative educational research and service programs.

Today, the IEC maintains its mission as a partnership between academia and industry by providing quality continuing education, research, publications, and service programs for the international information industry.

University Program University Program

For academia, the IEC University Program provides tuition-free grants to professors and students, permitting the latest technological, business, and industry information to transfer into curricula and academic research.


Also, the IEC manages the 270-university Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Heads Association (ECEDHA), dedicated to sharing information and maintaining awareness of industry needs and direction.

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